Welcome To The Future Of Rap (Goliath Cruz X Jovi Jov)



Make way for the new Era of the hip hop/rap star, where ingenuity is applauded and masterminded creativity is the expected. The dynamic generational talent culminated in the zenith of artistry and competitor, we have Goliath Cruz and Jovi Jov, the full embodiment of their debut album Self Sufficient. From music composition to digital marketing and branding, to architecting and orchestrating the power play of alignment, being surrounded with exclusively top tier excellence of all genres (artists, producers, video directors, photographers etc.) the time has come to finally take the reigns. These young legends in the making have spent countless days and nights, months and years preparing for the manifestation of their destiny, and here we are... the time is now, the wait is over. Respected Individuals Creating Hits, the acronym is the motto. RICH Studios presents Self Sufficient! Dropping September 21, 2018!




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