Yhessa G.- Model Mondays



Where are you from ? Guam 

Where do you live ? Las Vegas

What made you start modeling ?  I've always been passionate in the media field and being in front of the camera and the spot light. Growing up I knew modeling and the media has always been something that I have always been interested on and passionate about. 

 When did you start modeling ? My mom gave me my first digital camera when I was 13 years old and I remember I used stack organizers on top of another.

 What inspires you ? Growing up it has always just been a little girl's dream of mine to be in the media industry. Once in the industry witnessing the progress while on the journey continues to inspire me! Seeing others becomes successful also inspires me.

 Who’s your fav model ?  Atm @abigailratchford is my fav.

 What are your hobbies ? I love hiking, photography and editing.