The Majority Issue # 6, "Humanomics"

Naoka Foreman The Majority | Issue No. 6
With the very first issue of The Majority, entitled Probation: The Leash, being about the disproportionate incarceration of rapper Meek Mill, social activist, Naoka Foreman decided to make her sixth issue about Meek Mill's release from prison. In this month's issue Foreman compares the treatment of Stanford University swimmer, Brock Turner, to musical artist Meek Mill and how their social relations create different outcomes within the justice system. Foreman goes in-depth about how an affluent pedigree can alter judgement in a system that is presented to be fair and just. Astounding and appalling, she ties in how social capital is a luxury, inherited by class privilege and "promotes the development or underdevelopment of a human being." Digital and print copies are expected with upcoming releases. 
About Naoka Foreman:
Naoka Foreman is a Las Vegas-based Documentarian, Journalist, and Advocate. Her journalistic career started in 2008 with a local magazine, "The Veg," since then Foreman has progressed into radio by assisting with content creation for an UNLV campus radio show, "Twice Talk" and internet-based HB Radio. In November 2017 Foreman took a leap of faith launching her own publication entitled "The Majority." "The Majority" is a monthly newsletter series that intends to discuss issues faced by the American people who are marginalized and disenfranchised. 
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